We are so BLESSED, having just returned from attending the Kenneth Copeland Ministers’ Conference in Ft. Worth, Texas, where we joined together with our own company of people of faith in God.  It was uplifting, and faith building, as we heard words from heaven – from LOVE Himself.   Just like in Acts 4:18-33, praying together in the Holy Ghost in the unity of the faith, and hearing the Word from our Lord, gives us great boldness to speak the Word of God to whoever God sends us to.  We fully expect to see DIVINE HEALINGS, DIVINE HEALTH, DIVINE PROSPERITY, and DIVINE RECOVERY manifest in us and around us this year.

We can’t thank our partners enough for their continued faithful partnership with Micronesian Life Ministries during 2020.  This allowed us to keep in touch throughout the islands through correspondence on internet and phone calls, as well as send out anointed materials to encourage and build faith when island borders were shut down.    Because of God’s provision through our partners, we were able to send financial aide and Bless many island pastors;  we purchased two cell phones so they could continue to receive our emails and calls, and helped a church whose pastor was hospitalized.    By God’s GRACE we are taking back everything the devil stole from not being able to minister in person to those God has assigned us to minister to.

Until these Pacific Island Nations open up their borders to international arrivals so we can hold Island Crusades, we will continueto reach them through Media we send them, Emails, and Phone Calls, and other media the Lord is helping us in, while encouraging them to watch  Recent email responses say:

FROM the FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA :      Dear Pastor Herb and Sister Jan,   God be the glory, I indeed thank you for continually lifting me, my family and the work here in the FSM.  I send greetings from your Every Home family here in Pohnpei.  Thank you for always providing words of encouragement from the Word of God.  God bless you and keep you both in His care.   – Amy Santiago

FROM GUAM, MICRONESIA:  Hello, Hafa Adai and Yokwe from Marshallese Assembly of God.    On behalf of Pastor Anthony and Monica Jibaiur, we just want to let you know that we appreciate the letter and the check that you have send.  We are very grateful for all the messages of God’s words you have shared in our congregation.  Please continue to remember us in your prayers. Thank you and Komol Tata

FROM CHUUK, MICRONESIA:  Thank you very much for your email.  I am so charged by just reading it.  I am very grateful and thankful to God for bless us with you.    -Grace Rudolph

From CHUUK, MICRONESIA:  Dear Pastors Herb and Jan Schneider;   It’s so wonderful to hear from you, thank you for taking the time to write! I’m encouraged by your faith and I am very blessed to know you. Thank you for your prayers, which I need all the time.   Thank you for getting me to listen to AMERICA STANDS/FLASHPOINT.  I look forward to see the goodness of the Lord upon the United States and reinstating President Trump to the presidency.  That’ll be just wonderful. –  Senator Gardenia

FROM PALAU, MICRONESIA :    I believe and receive everything your speaking over me through this email and I confess it with my mouth, I’m in the best shape of my life, my future is very bright, I’m going higher than ever before, I will not fear for God is with me and I refuse to say anything but His Word ONLY! Praise the LORD! AMEN! – Pastor Dupline

FROM VANUATU, SOUTH PACIFIC:    Dear ps herb and Jan   A very good morning to both of you.   I just want to let you know that I just take out the money you send it through Western Union with out any problem at all. Praise God.   Great word and encouragement.  I treasure it!     –  Pastor Joseph Yarai

FROM FIJI, SOUTH. PACIFIC: Great Word! – Pastor Manasa, Every Home for Christ Pastor

FROM SOLOMON ISLANDS, SOUTH PACIFIC:  Hello to you in the name of Jesus.  Thank you very much for the encouraging Words that really helped me to see what the Lord is doing.  Again thanking you and Jan for your powerful contribution to my life and Ministry. – Pastor Alpheus


As we watched the sun setting behind the Fijian mountains from our hotel, our hearts were so full of thanksgiving and praise for the open doors of ministry, and the mighty move of the Holy Spirit in every place we spoke His Word. 

Micronesian Life Ministries received an ABUNDANT HARVEST with just over 100 people receiving Jesus as Saviour (82 in one service), 200 more rededicated their lives, and many more were healed, delivered, and baptized with the Holy Spirit. 

In the SOLOMON ISLANDS, we ministered in different villages every night. People came in trucks, and others walked many miles from other villages.  Every meeting was different and so special as the Word of God went forth with mighty power, and the Holy Spirit confirmed His Word with signs and wonders.  Pastor Selia and his church leaders coordinated these meetings, and they brought a portable generator, lighting, sound system, and chairs to different villages every night during the week we were there.  

A new work began with an open-air meeting in a heavily populated village that had not heard the word of faith before. 
The praise and worship music and the lights attracted over 100 people, and just before the message it began to rain very hard.  Everybody ran for cover, but they did not leave.  Jan spoke that night, and as soon as the rain subsided, she shared exactly what the Holy Spirit had given her.  As the people responded to the Word, 82 people gave their lives to Jesus; then as they prayed for everyone, many were delivered from satanic addictions.

We had several meetings with Pastor Turu in FIJI and on Sunday, we were driven to a remote mountain church.  On the way there, we got stuck twice and walked up the hill; as the road required a 4-wheel drive, which we did not have.   After the service, they treated us to a local Fijian-style sit-down dinner.  They adopted us into their families, and we became one of them.  

We can’t say thank you enough, to our partners, for making it possible for us to fly these thousands of miles!  People have been reached, and changed by the Word they have heard. – “How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?  And how shall they hear without a preacher?  And how shall they preach, except they be sent?” – Romans 10:14-15.


A thirty-day ministry crusade, flying from island to island throughout Micronesia, brought about much joy, dancing and singing, as God confirmed the Word preached, and people received Jesus as Savior, were baptized with the Holy Spirit, delivered from oppression, and healed of all kinds of sicknesses. Believers from every Island nation are rising up strong in the Word, and doing the extraordinary.

Seven hours after leaving Honolulu on United Airlines we landed on Kwajalein, the Marshall Islands. The next afternoon taking a 20-minute boat ride to the island of Ebeye, we began our first of five services with Pastor Hone Patrick in the New Beginning Church.  In every meeting we witnessed Holy Ghost breakthroughs, filling the people with praise, laughter and dancing before the Lord.

It has been 10 years since we ministered on the island of Pohnpei, but after receiving an invitation to return, we felt impressed to, and we were so glad we did.  Pastor Herman Soda said again and again, we are harvesting the Word seed you’ve sown into us all those years.  We loved sharing the Word again, encouraging the believers, as we taught 6 sessions in the Bible School, and had meetings in a prison, and in the church at night. Our hotel was a small home with grass roof – typical island style, clean, with air-conditioning and a back lanai for Herb.

Communication to the next island of Chuuk was very difficult, so we were happy to greet the people at the airport waiting for us. The Lord opened a great door again, as the Christian Missions Fellowship Church, combined with the Assembly of God people, where more healings and salvations confirmed the Word preached.   Pastor Ben Suda, a young local man, received revelation of seed time and harvest from watching over and over again the Southwest Believers Convention on DVDs we gave him last year.  After a powerful anointed service, he got the people excited about giving a breakthrough offering over the poverty spirit holding back THE BLESSING on those islands.  Just as the widow fed Elisha of her last meal, and received enough to take care of her, her son and Elisha until the drought was over;  we received the offering and BLESSED it with much thanksgiving to God.

An email from Chuuk said – We were fully blessed by you in so many ways and I praise God for sending you.  I am very grateful for both of you especially for not giving up on us.  I thank God and pray every day for God’s blessing and for your strength to be able to come and minister to us next year.  We love you.  Grace and church family from Chuuk Assembly of God

After Chuuk, we landed on Guam, where we rested for one day, flying out the next day to PalauPeople from many denominations came together for five services meeting in a conference room, and as the Word was preached, a unity of faith rose up in them, allowing the anointing to manifest.  One evening, a lady was set free from an evil spirit, started laughing, and she and others fell under the power of God without anyone laying hands on them.  Another lady who came in a wheelchair with mask over her face, received healing from lung cancer, walked down the steps and went home without her mask.  Two ladies testified of being healed of diabetes, and many others received healings that night.

A letter from Pastor Ruth Snyder said:  The enclosed seed is for a harvest of souls resulting from the seeds you planted while here in Sept.  The Word changed the environment!  We took the Word you spoke.  We see it!  The growth in righteousness and faith – DOMINION.  Repairing, Restoring, and Taking the nation for HIM.  Thank you again for your surrendered lives to Him and for mentoring us.  JESUS IS LORD!

Leaving Palau at 1:00 a.m. in the morning, we flew back to Guam where we ministered for 7 days with Pastor Riten Peter and his Marshallese Church.  Another great breakthrough happened, as people of different denominations attended the meetings from the islands of Kosrae, Chuuk, Yap, and Saipan.   Some of them received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Each Island Nation speaks a different language, so for them to come together as one body is a sign that The Church is getting in place to receive the great harvest of souls before Jesus returns.

So many people, after hearing the goodness of God, were set free from lies of the devil, knowing that God has a wonderful purpose for their lives.    Young people came to the altars broken, saying “I’m sorry God, I’m sorry”, and left those meetings full of the Holy Spirit, and with real peace.

It is hard to express the joy after a crusade like that, and not possible to put into words or photos all the great things we witnessed – TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!