Herb and Jan just completed a 26-day South Pacific Missions Crusade, ministering on 7 islands in some far out places where very few go in Fiji, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands.   They credit the partners of Micronesian Life Ministries who give of their precious financial seed for making it possible for them to take the trusted teaching of God’s Word to the island people of the Pacific who are literally crying out for it!

 God opened these doors, and the Holy Spirit enabled and empowered them to touch lives everywhere the good news was preached.   They say being more aware of the Lord’s  coming than they’ve ever been, and very thankful to be a part of this end- time awakening to God, brought much harvest of souls, manifestations of healings, and infillings of the Holy Spirit..  Even as the world looks darker and darker, the light of the glorious gospel shines brighter and brighter.  It is a great privilege to be about the Fathers business until we hear the great trumpet sound and we will be caught up with Him forever – I Thessalonians 4:16-18.

They say most of these people have not learned the ways of God’s provision, so they sent money by Western Union ahead of their arrival to make down payments on hotels, and transportation needed.  Pastor Joseph in Vanuatu said this in an email:  “The impact of this missions trip here was very great, and we thank you for the powerful messages that you delivered.  We have been blessed, and update you that we have no financial debt here.  The hotels and the one that we hire the truck were all happy, and they also say thank you very much.  They all told us they were happy, and anytime we need to use their truck it’s available for us.  Praise God for all that’s been done, and may God be glorified.”  This pastor paid off the whole expense with what was sent him.  By faith, they Blessed him, and many others, bought food for many people in the hotel restaurants, and Blessed everyone who helped them with nice tips (which they are not used to receiving).   God truly took care of them, blessing them with comfortable (2 very nice) hotels, in 6 different areas. 

We are in the greatest outpouring the church has ever seen – an outpouring of fire on the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The glory of the presence of the Lord is causing a spirit of worship, which Herb and Jan witnessed first hand.  The Word of God is being confirmed, as souls are coming to God, bodies are being healed, and lives are being transformed.