Since 2003, God has opened doors for Herb and Jan to hold 3-5 week mission crusades, ministering to 1,000’s of people, throughout the islands of Micronesia, and the South Pacific (see below).    All who have attended  have witnessed God  confirm the Word preached; as people have been born again, baptized with the Holy Spirit, delivered from demonic oppressions, and healed of all kinds of sickness and diseases.   God has anointed Herb and Jan to encourage and build up the body of Christ.  Today they continue to encourage leaders from every Island nation to rise up strong in the Word, live by faith in God, and teach others to do the same.

Each Island Nation speaks a different language, even though English is understood by most, sometimes having a translator is necessary.

In 2004 Herb and Jan were invited to minister in the Island of YAP, which is between Guam and Palau in Micronesia.  Witchcraft was very prolific on the island at that time, and people needed deliverance from demonic oppressions.   Their flight plans were changed when their plane had mechanical problems, giving them 3 days of rest and saturation in the Word before arriving there.

After meetings in the MARSHALL ISLANDS, they flew on to the Island of POHNPEI, where they both taught morning and afternoon classes at a Bible School, each day driving back to the hotel, grabbing something to eat, and ministering each evening in a Home Church.    Teaching the Word of God and seeing lives transformed and hungry to know God is what Herb and Jan love and are called to do, so it was a busy, but fruitful week.  However, their bodies were tired, and they hadn’t eaten much.    Jan said to Herb, “I’m hungry for some beef”.

The next day, the plane didn’t  arrive in Pohnpei as scheduled so the airline put them up and paid for their delicious steak dinners.    Also they missed the flight to Yap since the planes only fly there a few days a week, and  Continental Airlines put them up in the Hilton Hotel in Guam for 3 days, with 3 buffets a day.  They were simply overtaken with the Blessing of the Lord!

They arrived in Yap,  strong in the Lord, and God worked miracles.  One evening a couple brought their demon possessed son, staying outside in the dark until the end of the service, when they brought him forward for prayer.  In the Name of  Jesus,  Herb cast the demons out of him, and the next day, for the first time he was in the field helping his Dad.   Thank God for the anointing, which is the burden removing, yoke destroying power of God – Isaiah 10:27.

In 2005, the Lord asked Herb if he would go to Palau.  They purchased the tickets without knowing anyone there, ministering first in the MARSHALL ISLANDS, flying the Island Hopper to POHNPEI, then on to CHUUKGUAM, and into PALAU.  While teaching at a Bible School in Pohnpei, one of the students called his Mother in Palau, and she set up the hotel, and` meetings for the week.  God is so amazing!

His mother was one of a group of 8 Spirit-filled ladies who had been praying that God would send someone to Palau to teach them His Word.    The resort hotel was brand new, next to the water, and Herb and Jan paid the family rate of $50.00 a night, which included a free daily $30.00 breakfast.   The first afternoon in the hotel, one of the ladies called to ask Jan if she would minister in the prison that afternoon with her.  Jan says she was as Blessed as much as they were.   That night the Lord opened the door for Herb to minister in a large Evangelical Church to their own High School of boys.   Herb ministered a message on the goodness of God, turned the service over to a Marshallese Pastor who came with us, who called for any who wanted to receive Jesus as Savior to come to the front.  Almost every one of them came forward for salvation that night.

Returning year after year, ministering in many places, to people from many different denominations, God’s glory has manifested, people have grown in faith, and miracles of every kind have happened.    One year an extra $50,000.00 came into the ministry, allowing the ministry to rent a convention center so people of many denominations cametogether.   A bus load of these high school boys came, many were delivered from drugs, and baptized in the Holy Spirit.     God has since then raised up some powerful Word of Faith leaders there, who are doing the work of the ministry and all Palau will be saved.

Other supernatural ministry opportunities in Micronesia have taken place on the island nations  of  KOSRAE,  and SAIPAN.


Since 2007, they have been highly favored to minister in churches throughout FIJI, flying out from there to VANUATU, the SOLOMON ISLANDS, WESTERN SAMOA, and  AMERICAN SAMOA, WALLIS & FUTUNA,  TONGA, TUVALU,  PAPUA NEW GUINEA,  AUSTRALLIA, and  NEW CALEDONIA.  

They have reached 1,000s upon 1,000s of  people – in churches, Bible schools, homes, hotels, and open-air meetings.  They say, “as soon as we set out for a missions crusade, the anointing of God is on us to minister.  We have witnessed salvations, and healings of people who sit by us on the planes, and in the airports. 

Being invited to minister for a 30-day crusade in Fiji, Herb and Jan, purchased their airline tickets.   Herb had been believing for this open door for years, so he took the promise of 2 Corinthians 9:8, “God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.”   Upon paying for hotels, transportation and food for themselves, and the ministry team who had set up the meetings in churches all over the island, their trust was in God’s faithfulness to His Word.     After  two weeks of ministry there, they received an email from their daughter that someone they didn’t even know had sent them a $10,000.00 check, which paid off every credit card charge.  They say they have never paid interest for God is faithful to speak to His people who are quick to obey Him.

Since 2008, Herb and Jan have flown many times to VANUATU,  ministering the first time at a Church Conference on the island of Santos, and since then, taking the Word of Faith to different churches all over Port Villa.      Pastors and congregations of different denominations come together, and the anointing of love has brought great spiritual breakthroughs.  

After a week in Vanuatu, they fly on to the SOLOMON ISLANDS to minister for a week.  Taken to a different village each night, and  every meeting so different and special as the Word of God goes forth with power, and the Holy Spirit confirms it with signs and wonders.  The Church leaders coordinate these meetings, bringing a portable generator, lighting, sound system, and chairs to many of these places.

In 2019, over 100 people received Jesus as Saviour  (82 in one service), and many more healed, delivered, and baptized with the Holy Spirit.  Thanks be to God for such a mighty move of His Spirit.   The final night Herb and Jan split up in order to minister in 2 villages.  Jan was taken to an open-air meeting in a village that had not heard the gospel preached before.  The houses were nicer than most, and many people from their homes were able to hear because of the loud speakers.  The singing and lights drew over 100 people to the meeting, before it began to pour down rain.  All those sitting on the ground in the open, got up and ran for cover, however it subsided and the message was preached.  The people understood the Word which Jan had received from the Holy Spirit to teach on the rich man and the beggar, Lazarus.  When she handed the microphone to the Pastor, he called for people to come forward to receive Jesus.  It took a while, then the man who owned the property came forward, and another, and another, until they counted 82 people.  After leading the people in a salvation confession, Jan with the leaders laid hands on every one, and many were set free from evil spirits, and healed.  It was a marvelous work of the Holy Spirit!

In 2010 they ministered in TONGA, and Herb ministered on their TBN TV station, with a translator.  The message on healing was very anointed, and they are confident that many were saved, and healed, as they heard and believed the anointed Word that went forth.

In 2014, Herb and Jan celebrated their 60th anniversary during a crusade in Western Samoa, that day ministering with the pastor on a  local radio station,   Also sharing God’s Word at a 3-day Marriage Seminar, bringing healing to many young married couples.

All thanks be to God for the open doors, and to the partners, for making it possible to fly these thousands of miles, year after year!  People have been reached, and changed by the Word they have heard. –  How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?  And how shall they hear without a preacher?    (THEY CAN’T)  And how shall they preach, except they be sent? – Romans 10:14-15.           Herb and Jan have been sent!