God has called Micronesian Life Ministries to go into the Pacific Islands to proclaim the reality of His written Word.  This allows the Holy Spirit to build an army of mature believers who will impact more than 8 million people in 22 Pacific Island nations.  In the natural, reaching all these islands is an impossible task, but by God’s Grace upon us, and the God connected partnership of believers, it is happening.  Great revival is happening in the Pacific Islands! 

Micronesian Life Ministries operates by faith – whom God calls, He qualifies, and He is always faithful to deal with the right person at the right time, meeting every need.  It is through the power of prayer and partnership that the Pacific Island nations are being reached with the gospel of the Kingdom of God, and lives are being changed forever.

If you believe God is calling you to support the building of the Kingdom of God through Micronesian Life Ministries with your prayers of faith and finances, please CONTACT US using the information below.  God honors every commitment to Him and TOGETHER everyone is BLESSED, fully equipped with GOD’S GRACE to complete every God-given assignment.

As a partner you will never be without prayer, and your rewards will be great, both in this current life and in Heaven.  Every single life that is changed by the power of God through Micronesian Life Ministries is credited to you.  Thank you for your support!


P. O. Box 9016

Kailua Kona, HI 96745

Phone (808) 331-2030