Herb and Jan Schneider, founders of MICRONESIAN LIFE MINISTRIES, are BLESSED to be assigned by the Lord Jesus Christ to go into the Pacific Island nations and teach His infallible Word, which is transforming lives and changing Pacific Island nations.   Truly there is a Holy Spirit invasion – a spiritual tsunami of the power and goodness of God that is filling the Pacific Island nations, and all the world will be hearing about it.

The ministry began in 1985 through a hospital ministry to outer island patients in Hawaii.   In 2000, at the Southwest Believers Convention, Herb and Jan Schneider were separated from the business world and ordained, by the head of the Church, Jesus Christ, into full-time ministers of the gospel.   With that step up in ministry, doors have opened up throughout the Pacific Islands for them, The Lord has raised up financial partners, and great harvest is taking place.

Stretching across an area 7 times larger than the Continental United States, the blue waters of the Pacific are punctuated by 1,000s of islands.   The three major island groups of MICRONESIA, POLYNESIA, and MELANESIA have a combined population of over 8 million people, who are hungry for the Truth of God’s Word.

HERB and JAN SCHNEIDER are happy to be doing what God has called them to do.   They have witnessed thousands of salvations, healings, deliverances from demonic oppressions, infillings of the Holy Spirit, and victories through their anointed ministry.

A word of the Lord through Kenneth Copeland from 2009 Southwest Believers Convention:

 “I’ll send you to places, and I’ll anoint you and I’ll take care of you while  you  are there. People  will  be amazed at the grace that comes  out of  your mouth,  and  the riches  that  come through your  hands,  and  whole  nations  will  come to Me. Trillions are  nothing  to  Me,  747s  are nothing to Me.   All  things  were created for and by Me says the Lord. “