2017 is bringing new opportunities as we receive the outpour of blessings from Heaven.  Upcoming September meetings are scheduled for the South Pacific, for Herb and Jan to return and minister in Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Western Samoa, and American Samoa.  Another crusade is being planned for the Micronesian Islands in November.

Many island nations claim a Christian heritage, but they know little about the gospel of Christ and have not witnessed the power of God in His goodness.  Therefore poverty, sickness, and illiteracy plague not only those in isolated villages, but also people living in crowded cities.   Through the preaching of the gospel of Christ, men and women are rising up, taking their place in the authority of the Kingdom of God, not accepting sickness or disease as normal, and are tearing down the strongholds of poverty and lack, declaring and receiving THE BLESSING!

Partnership is key to preaching the gospel to all of the world. Along with paying all our own expenses, Micronesian Life Ministries has and continues sending out 1,000s of DVDs, CDs, and teaching material throughout all these island nations.   The anointed Word is changing lives, as well as the spiritual atmosphere of every nation.

It is through the prayers and financial support of our partners that  Micronesian Life Ministries is able to “go ye therefore” and preach the gospel of Christ (the anointed One) throughout the islands of the Pacific (Mathew 28:19).

We give glory to the Lord, and declare His praise in the Islands. – Isaiah 42:12