On December 4th Herb returned from a victorious two week Micronesian Crusade where he ministered on Majuro, Marshall IslandsChuuk,        Federated States of Micronesia; and Guam, where the Pastor and his wife from Saipan joined in on the week of meetings.   There were salvations, and healings that took place, but the hunger for the Word and the anointing caused great breakthroughs in the lives of all who came and heard.

In Majuro during a hospital visit, one person was saved, and two doctors received healings in their bodies.  People walked from villages around to attend two meetings in Chuuk, and did not leave disappointed.  In Guam, ministering in the Marshallese church, with several pastors in attendance, it was so easy as they by faith, literally pulled The WORD of GOD out of Herb.   God is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh, and we love sharing
The Truth and see it confirmed with signs following.

In September God opened doors of ministry and empowered Herb and Jan to complete a life-changing, three-week South Pacific Crusade.  The Holy Spirit moved mightily at every meeting, saving the lost, baptizing in the Holy Spirit, and manifesting healings and deliverances.

What an honor to work with pastors in Fiji and the Solomon Islands, ministering in their churches, and home groups to people who are hungry for God’s Word.      An hour-and-a-half taxi ride to one church was rewarded with a great move of the Holy Spirit following the preached Word, setting people free to worship and praise the Lord.

In Samoa Herb and Jan were speakers at a Marriage Conference to a church full of couples, and  during the day taught the Word on two FM radio stations.  Every session was powerfully anointed with GOD’s TRUTHs coming forth.  Marriages were saved, homes were strengthened as they were encouraged to put the Word of God first place.  There was much healing and forgiving that took place, and many received directions from the Holy Spirit.  The LOVE of GOD was so powerful. the  people did not want to go home.


We give glory to the Lord, and declare His praise in the Islands. – Isaiah 42:12