2017 is bringing new opportunities as we receive the outpour of blessings from Heaven.  Jesus is coming soon!  We have received invitations to minister in Tuvalu, Niue, the Cook Islands, and even the French Polynesian Nations.

The Spirit of God is being poured out on all flesh, as we witnessed great breakthroughs this past year. In the 150 meetings the ministry held last year, there were over 300 salvations/rededications, hundreds of healings, many deliverances from witchcraft and demonic spirits, and even more who received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. God opened and continues to open ministry doors for Herb and Jan  in Hawaii, as well as these island Nations:  Republic of the Marshall Islands, Chuuk (Federated States of Micronesia), Guam, Saipan (Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands), Fiji, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu. 

Partnership is key to preaching the gospel to all of the world. We are very thankful for our partners of Micronesian Life Ministries who stand with us as together we proclaim that Jesus is Lord to the islands of the Pacific. Along with paying all of our own expenses, Micronesian Life Ministries sent out 100s of CDs, DVDs, and teaching material throughout all these Island Nations.  God’s Word shall accomplish what He pleases and prosper where it is sent.  The anointed Word is changing everything in the body of Christ, as well as the spiritual atmosphere of every nation.

It is through the prayers and financial support of our partners that  Micronesian Life Ministries is able to “go ye therefore” and preach the gospel of Christ (the anointed One) throughout the islands of the Pacific (Mathew 28:19).

We give glory to the Lord, and declare His praise in the Islands. – Isaiah 42:12